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Nutrigo Lab Mass:Ultimate Supplement For Muscle Building

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Nutrigo Lab Mass-Achieve Dream Physique In 2021!!!

NUTRIGO LAB MASS: Building a ripped, Greek god -type physique is still a dream for many aspiring men out there. Despite having food supplements, achieving the dream physique remains a mystery. The food supplement market is flooded with products that claim to increase muscle growth efficiently. There are plenty of options, yet athletes are searching for an ideal blend that can provide greater results.

Have you tried all those so-called mass supplements which false claims and haven’t got any results? Do you want to get a rocket-boost in your metabolism? Then you have come to the perfect place! It is not everybody’s cup of tea to achieve a well-toned body. It requires a hell of a lot of hard work and determination in doing so.

Well, we’re here for you. We have come up with a unique protein supplement-Nutrigo Lab Mass that is going to provide all the essential and necessary nutrients your body is going to need. Enriched with the superior quality of proteins and glutamine, this bodybuilding supplement is going to give your body the much-needed push.

Nutrigo Gainer
                      Nutrigo Gainer

What is Nutrigo Lab Mass?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a protein food supplement created entirely to gain muscle mass faster and efficiently. It is scientifically proven by experts to get surprising results in a shorter period of time.  This product supercharges the body providing it with greater strength and endurance. In turn, the body will synthesis more protein to repair the damaged muscles. The greater the synthesis, the more muscle mass you will get.

Nutrigo Lab Mass is enhanced with the richness of creatine, BCAA, and L-glutamine. It is the only bodybuilding supplement that contains a natural combination of ingredients that aims to strengthen your body and helps in gaining muscle. This supplement will not only boost the muscle building process but also without any side-effects.

In a short period of time, you can get a shredded, muscular physique and also a greater level of hormonal activity in men. This supplement increases metabolic activity and burns the unwanted fat by supporting the muscle-building process. Nutrigo Lab Mass creates a magic formula in your body forming a shield against aging and bacterial diseases thus making your quality of life rich.


Composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass contains an exotic range of nutrients available in the form of easy to prepare shake. Every serving of Nutrigo Lab Mass contains:

  • 358 kcal
  • 5 g of Carbs
  • 24 g of Protein
  • 2000 mg BCAA+ I-Glutamine
  • 3000 mg of Creatine

The concentrated composition promotes the efficient functioning of the supplement. Every person who regularly uses Nutrigo Lab Mass can count the full nourishment of the body. Always keep in mind that an athlete’s body requires more quantity of several nutrients. If you want to achieve a freaky muscular figure then you need to make sure the body is getting all the necessary products. Nutrigo Lab Mass is the only bodybuilding supplement out there that helps in doing so. Let’s have a look at all the ingredients,

High sources of Protein – Isolac®, Optipep® and protein concentrate

Rich-quality animal protein included in the blend ensures full absorption in the body. Protein is one of the most fundamental bodybuilding elements, therefore its quality is crucial in making sure that athletes enjoy a well-toned muscular figure. It is designed in a way that the proteins get rapidly supplied to the muscles of a physically active person and results in the enhancement of muscle mass.

Different sources of Carbohydrates

The mix of carbohydrates with efficient levels of absorption in the body makes sure that damaged muscles and tissues are regularly given nourishment. Nutrigo Lab Mass increasingly replenishes the glycogen level in the body as well as providing strength for intensive workouts. This mechanism allows for rapid muscle regeneration and healing in the body.

BCAA amino acids and I-Glutamine

These two natural elements are synthesized by the body itself. However, with intense physical activity, the body demands these increases. The body cannot keep up with the increasing demands. They are then provided from outside. BCAA helps in reducing fatigue after intense workouts. Amino acids help in reducing muscle catabolism increases immunity. This also accelerates muscle regeneration.


Creatine is one of the most sought and popular sports nutrition among bodybuilding supplements, believed to enhance muscle mass and providing loads of energy. It takes an active approach to muscle building and supports muscle recovery quickly during exercise.


Zinc plays a significant role in the production of the male hormone testosterone. It strengthens the bones and strongly supports the immune system. It facilitates the absorption of magnesium in the body.

Nutrigo Lab Mass
                         Nutrigo Gainer

Effects of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass is the best protein body bodybuilding supplement out there in the is the ideal mix to provide the body with an adequate number of calories, proteins, and carbs for greater muscle recovery and growth. Nutrigo Lab Mass absorption rate in the body is faster than any other supplement available in the online market for muscle building. The high quality of proteins and FDA certified ingredients gives the ultimate results with the overall functioning of the body.

The regulation of hormonal balance in the body is greatly enhanced with the regular usage of Nutrigo Lab Mass. The glycogen levels in the muscles get replenished frequently during intensive workouts providing enough energy and decreasing fatigue. The bulking up process will get easier and the results will be overwhelming. It will bring out the maximum potential of muscle growth, strength and surely improve your workout goals.

The exotic whey extracts used in the supplement will give your muscles the monster pump after every workout. The shredded, rock hard, and vascular physique you will get after using Nutrigo Lab Mass is just another benefit of this wonderful product. This supplement delivers the maximum potential to the body to produce shocking explosive strength. Finally, you get an outstanding personality, a god-like physique, and the newfound confidence that you have longed for. So, purchase our Nutrigo Lab Mass and get your physique to the next level…


No doubt that this product contains the ingredients which are best for muscle growth. This supplement is best for athletes and bodybuilders. As it provides the fastest recovery. Recovery is one of the most important things to build muscle. It also increases the stamina of the body. Most supplements like this are costly and all people cannot afford them But our supplement is quite affordable.

There is no side effect of this supplement. One should freely use this supplement for muscle building. It has very few carbohydrates which will make it easier for you to gain muscle without having much fat. This mass gainer will help you achieve the bulky muscles that most people wanted. Just try this supplement and we promise you will not regret it.

Where to Buy

If you are here to buy this supplement then we are here to help you. You have to do few simple steps to buy this supplement. Click on the buy button or click on any photo of the supplement. This will redirect you to the official site of this product from there you can add this supplement to your cart and checkout. It so an easy process that you can do these steps in few minutes only. After buying this you could come one step closer to getting a muscular body.

Customer Reviews

Marcus: – I was a skinny guy and most of my friends made fun of me that being thin and weak. Girls also made fun of me. Then one day I searched on the internet, how to gain muscle. There I found this site They are selling a supplement called Nutrigo Lab Mass. I ordered this product. After 6 months you will not believe that I gained 20 pounds of muscles. I thank them a lot that they are advertising this product. This product is really awesome

Natalie: – I am a skinny girl and I don’t have any boyfriend because of my looks and most of the girls of my age group made fun of me because I don’t look sexy enough like them because I was skinny. Then I ordered this supplement from This product helped me in gaining the muscles that I dreamt of. I really like this product. It is too good. Now I look really good. Once again thanks

Richard:- I was literally very thin and skinny but after seeing my muscular friends. I thought of doing the gym. I started going to the gym but for the result I hoped, I did not really get. Then one of my friends told me about nutrigo lab mass. He told me that if I want to gain muscle then I should definitely try this supplement. I ordered this product there only. I used this product for 3 months and I gained a lot of muscle and weight. . This site helped me a lot in making, my purchase easy and convenient.

Nutrigo Lab Mass Gainer
                         Where To Buy

Frequently asked question

Who needs the Nutrigo Lab mass?

People who are skinny and want to gain muscles can take it. It will show a positive result on your body. You will gain muscles easily. Go for it if you want to gain muscle. You will definitely get the best result from this product.

Are there any side effects of this supplement?

As such, there are no side effects of this supplement but If you are taking this supplement then pls drink a minimum of 4 liters of water. Your kidney might get affected if you are not drinking a good amount of water.

Refund policy

If there is some problem in buying the supplement. Then we are not responsible. You can fix that issue on the official website of the supplement. We are affiliates and we are not selling this product. This product is sold by the official site of this product. Don’t afraid after reading this your money will be safe if there is some mishappening. Because this site is genuine and certified.

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